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Quiz games, being a unique genre in gaming industry itself have dominated the markets over the last several years. Earlier quiz games were been played as board games like, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Family Feud, and Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader etc, but now these kinds of games available on android and ios have retained their popularity for years. Though this genre has an array of games available on both play and app store but to find the best ones are quite a tough task. So to make it simpler here are the best quiz games for Android and iOS as of 2019

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top 10 best quiz / trivia games android/iphone 2018

1.94%  android  /  iphone

best quiz/trivia games android/iphone 2018

94% is a unique quiz game which will make you guess 94% of the answers to a single provided question. The gameplay of 94% is a unique one as players will be provided with a scenario and they have to come up with 94% of the answers that will fit the scenario. For example, players in the game may have to guess 94% of things that people do when they wake up in the morning.
With more than 100 of such questions and plenty of levels, the game is one of the best quiz games available in the market for sure.best quiz game android/iphone 2019

2.quiz android

best quiz/trivia games android/ iphone 2018

Occupying the second position in our today’s list of Top 10 best quiz games for android/ios 2018, the Jackbox Party Pack is not only a quiz game but is a series of quiz games, it is like multiple quiz games packed in a single box. Each version of a game in the Jackbox Party Pack has a variety of mini-games and each and every version has multiplayer support in which up to seven or eight players can play at a time.best quiz game android 2019

3.Logo Game

best trivia games android 2018

Logo Game is one of the best quiz games available on google play store. The game can be downloaded absolutely free from play store and can be installed very easily on your android devices. The gameplay and interface of the game are very easy as where players will be provided with a logo and they have guessed the brand. Logo game has more than 2250 international brands and has 70 plus levels with difficulty increases with the time of gameplay.

4.HQ Trivia  android  iphone

best quiz games android/iphone 2018

HQ Trivia is one of the best quiz games available on our today’s list of Top 10 best quiz games for android/ios 2018. The gameplay and graphics of this game are best in class which includes a real host that asks you questions at certain times of the day and the players s who answer correctly proceed in the game while those who answer incorrectly are eliminated. The game can be pretty much easily downloaded from the app store for free.

5.Quizup  android iphone

best trivia games android/iphone 2018

Quizup is one of the best quiz games available for iOS users. With millions of downloads from the app store, Quizup is the most popular app amongst its contenders and is available on app store for free. The game has some unique features like players can earn more points by answering questions faster than other players in the game and the player with highest scores becomes the winner.

6.This or That  android iphone

best quiz/trivia games 2018

This or That is one of the unique quiz games available in this genre and our today’s list of Top 10 best quiz games for android/ios 2018. In the game, players have to choose one of two scenarios and the player who has chosen what majority of people have picked becomes the winner. The gameplay of the game is very easy which focuses more on getting laughs than the actual challenge. With new questions added almost every other day, the game can be downloaded from play store.

7.Trivia 360  android  /  iphone

best trivia/quiz apps android/iphone 2018

Trivia 360 is one of the latest game in this genre and in our list as well. Being the latest in the market it has some huge variety of questions like true or false questions, riddles and with each category, it has thousand of latest questions. Besides this, the game has a leaderboard in which players can look at their scores and can see where they stand. With a beautiful interface and decent gameplay, the game is best amongst its rivals.

8.Trivia Crack  android iphone

best quiz/trivia games android/ iphone 2018

Holding 8th position in our today’s list of best quiz games Trivia Crack is no less than others in terms of popularity and gameplay. With an array of questions available and that too in more than 20 different languages, the game is the best in its class. Besides an array of questions preloaded players can even come up with their own questions. With multiplayer mode available You can challenge some of your best friends simultaneously.

9.What If  android iphone

best quiz/trivia games android/ iphone 2018

The game is more or less like a game which holds 9th position in our list, named This or That. In What If players you will be provided with an illogical and weird situation and all you have to do is to choose whether you’d do it or not. This is the only game in our list that doesn’t really have a winner or loser. minutes, but not much more than that. The game can be easily downloaded from google play store.

10.quiz of knowledge  android  /  iphone

best quiz/trivia games android/ iphone 2018

Last but not the least in our today’s list is a game which will challenge your knowledge to every possible extent. Neumeister has questions from current events, business, politics, tech, science, and literature as well. Questions appear in multiple-choice format and If players choose an incorrect option, Neumeister will not only tell you the right choice but will also include a link that will contain the whole story behind the question.


best Quiz games android/iphone 2019 are not only time killers but they provide you with a platform to get out what you have in terms of knowledge and practicality. From an array of quiz games available in both play an app store, we have provided you with the top 10 best quiz games on our list.

Please go through them and don’t forget to share and comment if you find our post helpful.

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