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Nowadays almost everyone is living a pretty much hectic life and wants to have fun and relaxation apart from their work, so for that purpose mobile games are the best bet in the present era.  Mobile games are full of thrill and adventures and with a horror touch to the games  it  works as icing on the cake and  pumps up the aderaline of the blood as well. so in this post we will give u top notch 10 horror games on both ios and android platform. so lets start with this horror ride.

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Top 10 best horror games android/iphone 2018

1. Granny android / iphone

Top 10 best horror games android/iphone 2018

This android game start with black dark horrific house where you are locked by granny for 5 days. Granny is a lady who was dead and wants to kill you and drink your blood. there are many clues in the house from which you can protect yourself from granny. Besides this there are many rooms inside the house and every room have wadrobes and in one wadrobe keys are kept to unlock the door for the next hint, as many  hints you will cross by the more will be the chances for completing the game but remember in every step you should be careful as granny can be behind you.one of the best horror game android/iphone 2019.

2. Horror hospital series android / iphone

Top 10 best horror games android/iphone 2018

With over 1 million downloads this piece of horror comes on 2nd place in our todays list . In this game you are on a trip with your friends and in this trip your friends are lost on  abandoned horrific hospital that is between the forest. Besides this  you have only one beam of light through which you have to find all of your friends. With realistic graphics and terrific horror sounds takes your gaming experience to another level

3. Eyes – The Horror Game android / iphone

Top 10 best horror games android/iphone 2018

Third position holder on our list is the scariest horror game with over 10 million downloads. The game has endless corridors that are full of many headless men and women and dangerous animal that are seeking to hunt you and you are alone in these dark corridors and sounds that are coming around you.  The sound and graphics of the game makes u  feel that all the paranormal activities are happening near you. At every point of game you will feel thrill and adventure. so download this game from the app store and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of horror.

4. 100 Doors Horror android

Top 10 best horror games android/iphone 2018

If you like to rattle your nerves while playing horror game then this game is for you, with rating 4.0 and downloads of 1 million. strain your brain in the challenging horror game. this game is full of doors but these doors are not normal their is a mystery behind every door that will give you a goosebumps.  the interior design of the rooms will make you feel lost and damned and  the fear will never leave your side. The game can be easily downloaded from the play store.

5. Scary Clown Survival android

Top 10 best horror games android/iphone 2018

In this game  crazy clown terrorize the city of kanas and its people. The game is about the mystery for the law enforcement and the police department of kanas city. this clown torture ,threats and robbs people’s valuable things like a gangster thugs. police department intensified the real identity of the clown who is scaring the people of the city. and team members of police department  help them for surving the city from that clown . The games  super scary atmosphere,  fantasatic suitshe scary theme and open world enviornment takes the game to another level of horror.

6. Sinister Edge – 3D Horror Game android

Top 10 best horror games android/iphone 2018

This game is editor’s choice on google playstore with 4.0 rating and 1 million downloads.  With Sinister Edge you can immense yourself with the minblowing horror that will blow your mind away. In  every part of the game players have to solve entertaining puzzles with horror atmposphere locations and also have to escape from evil  but besides this you are never alone as their is a ghost behind you for your company. Thes game also support external controller and with stunning graphic and vr support available the game is the best in this genre

7. Evil Killer android

Top 10 best horror games android/iphone 2018

The gameplay and storyline of Evil Killer is completely based on Hollywood horror movies. In this game there are 3 friends allen,ben,shawn who are travelling to countryside to spend holidays. While travelling they  decide to stop by at a place in a town which was cursed and nobody knows about it. In the similar manner the story continues and the horror also finds it place with a lot of things hapenning near them.

8.. The Walking Dead android / iphone

Top 10 best horror games android/iphone 2018

The game is inspired from the most popular tv series , the walking dead. Though the game lies on the 8th position in our todays list the game is the best in this genre. With the best in class graphics and vast gameplay the game is the best pick in the ios  market. In this game Rick and Carl being  two main characters  are terrified by zombies and you have to help both of them to fight against the ghosts . The game can be easily downloaded from app store.

9. Into The Dead android / iphone

Top 10 best horror games android/iphone 2018

In this game you are on an abandonded forest which is full of ghosts and dead bodies and their is a spooky area where no humans exist. you have to survive from this stituation with various weapons like guns and many more . The gameplay and graphics of the game are ultimate and the storyline is pretty much unique. So players looking for a horror game with a good storyline can download this from app store.

10. Lost Within   iphone

Top 10 best horror games android/iphone 2018

Last but not the least Lost Within  is the most unique game available in the play store. In this game you  are telereported to a part of the area where no body wants to go as the area is full of zombies and you have to  fight with them to survive.

conclusion -:

So above are the top 10  latest and best horror games android/iphone 2019.

which will not only give you the best in class gaming experience but will make you cry with terror. With all the games capable to give you goose bumps  you can easily download them from app store and play store.
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