Hey guy’s are you searching for games like fortnite/pubg android/iPhone 2019.
Here I pick all the top rated and similar games like  fortnite/pubg android/iPhone 2019.
Fortnite is most popular game of this year one man survival game.
All the people play together and kill each other.
Only last man alive win the game.
There is many games Available as fortnite/pubg.
So guy’s are you ready to play on your smartphone.
Let’s start playing.
Here is the list.
best games like fortnite
best games like fortnite
The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a popular app which allows battle gameplay on your Androids. The PUBG is an app that enables a PlayStation mode in the androids for the users/ players. It is one of the master battleground gameplay in the battle genre. It allows its players to experience a real-time and bold gameplay. It is absolutely free for android users.
best games like fortnite
The H1Z1 Battle Royale is almost similar to PUBG and Fortnite but still to make it different the developers had made it in the zombie’s scenario.  It is the king of gameplay Hill mode. Now the daybreak games had made the game absolutely free on PC. It has an additional auto-Royale mode which is basically a Mad Max Battle Royale and gives you an amazing experience. It’s a classy PlayStation like gameplay.
best games like fortnite
The Last Man Standing is like any other battle shooter gameplay to experience. It has passed fortnite challenges yet it is only of its kind that extracts the building mechanism and you van protectively rely on the in-built play tools that help you stand till the last. It’s completely free for the Pc users as well.
best games like fortnite
Malestorm the gameplay is designed to give a sea battle appearance and experience as well. There is some sort of options for you to incorporate your title with the listed forms of characters. There are so many options that highly attract a player to grab the gameplay. It does not have vast users presently but recommendations allow its authenticity as a PlayStation game for your Androids and PCs.
best games like fortnite
The Culling app is likely Inspired by a Japanese movie “the culling” the app resembles with other battle gameplay apps. You can consider it as hunger gameplay. The app has intricate features that positively add a closer to the user. Also added humor keeps you refresh through-out the game. It’s a hilariously a power pack gameplay.
best games like fortnite
It’s a common gameplay like another battle games available on the internet. Still, they are remarkably on a popular ground cause of their amazing features. These apparent features and effects place them on top in the rankings.  Also, concluded with easy to play features it’s one of the gaming apps of kids today. The handy features give it a compatibility to run on PC and any iOS.
8.Knives out android / iphone
best games like fortnite
The gaming app is most likely designed as Fortnite. You can also consider as one of the competitor apps of PUBG. It’s a game app that is based on the clowning of characters and shooters. It is a gaming app that is specially developed that supports android features and stream smoothly while gaming. It can easily accessible on mobiles/Androids for its variety of users. Any age person can reliably enjoy the fun of shooting gameplay.
The Drawin Project
The Drawin Project is a gameplay based on survival over fights. On the freezing cold theme, the app gives you real-time feeling of gaming in cold. It is interestingly designed with the following story where you need to catch some clues and a hunter. Now it is suitably free on PC for its more crazy users and paid versions for Xbox
9.Surviv.io iphone
best games like fortnite
The survivo.io is a top-down version of PUBG that can be played in any browser. It significantly supports a variety of browsers can be accessed on PCs. The survivo.io is an app that fascinates range of online game lovers. It is one of its kinds that are kids-friendly too.
10.Radical Heights iphone
best games like fortnite
One of the latest Royale Battle game that is amazing and commendably free to play. The game takes you to the 80’ century Romp that will amazingly excite you with its colorful features. But keep in my mind that any bug can occur at any time. So be prepared for that fluke for often. It gives you some sort of prizes, rewards, cash, and Bmxs configured in the game settings which incredibly increase the interest of the user.
best games like fortnite
TheRealm Royale is one of its kind Royale battle gameplay that gives you a spectacular gaming experience with its unique features and accessibility. It is well designed, vibrant in color, and other added gears that make it more attractive and elusive. Also, it had some decent stats that will help you to be consistent while gaming that will retain your excitement for the game. And the app is totally free for PC.
best games like fortnite
With its ultimate Royale features, it gives you a classy gaming experience that is richer than fortnite in every manner. It is not only different yet very enhanced gameplay for the game lovers.  It is a Royale genre game app that let you experience the decency while gaming. With its stunning sounds and effects, it doubles your joy of gaming.
best games like fortnite
Radiation Island is a game where you struggle for your survival. The best-crafted characters and their animation takes your eyes upon and amuse you with its dignified feature and appearance. It swiftly supports any Android/iOS. It has an artificial Island that gives you bizarre experience other than any gaming app. It has perfect graphics and art that attracts the player.one of the best similar game like pubg/fornite 2019.
14.Garena Free Fire android / iphone
best games like fortnite
Garena Free Fire is an ultimate shooter game that is very similar to other shooting gaming app. The game has fixed 10 minutes round in which approximately a crew of 50 saviors fight to survive over the death.  There are added tools and stats that make the gaming experience a pleasurable fun. It is a multiplayer game that fully support iOS/Android.best game like pubg 2019.
15.Black Survival android / iphone
best games like fortnite
Black Survival is another uniquely crafted and sorted with amazing stats survival game that brilliantly stream on any iOS/iPads and Androids. It closely matches with the battle royal style. Where in a group of ten people hang on a desert island and have to compete for their survival. This games has some attractive graphics that make it rich in appearnces.one of the best game like pubg 2019.
So guy’s these are the best games like fortnite/pubg android/iPhone 2019.
Let’s pick and download these games on your smartphone and play like pro.
All the best and top rated similar games like fortnite/pubg I added here.
Let’s play and have fun.
One man survival games is going famous day by day and craze of these games increasing day by day.
Millions of people’s playing together.
So guy’s let’s download and start playing now.
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