Hey guy’s are you searching for best Ludo games  Android / iPhone 2019
Ludo is the most played game on board and since the time online games started on mobile it has become famous worldwide. Ludo is the most played game online by both Android and iOS users. Ludo game is so engrossing and addictive that no one can ever get bored of it. So here are the best ludo games for you which you can download on your mobile phones and play with friends.
Top 10 best ludo games android/iphone 2018
1.Ludo star –android / iphone
Top 10 best ludo games android/iphone 2018
This game has won many hearts over the time. Login to Facebook and play on. Ludo star has been the most famous game of all time and still continues to be. This game has 3 different modes to play. You can play it in doubles as a team. Get your childhood days back by playing Ludo star. This excellent game is very addictive. Play it in offline mode as well. Download this game on your phones and be a ludo star.one of the best ludo game for android/iphone 2019.
2.Ludo King™ android / iphone
Top 10 best ludo games android/iphone 2018
The best part in ludo king is that you do not need an internet connection and still can play against the computer. Minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 player game in the local multiplayer mode. Play it with the world and make them your friends. Chat option is too available in this game. you can chat with your Facebook friends while playing the game. the graphics and sound and other animation in this game are pretty smooth. You can even invite players for a private match. It even has snakes and ladders in it with different boards. So go ahead and download this amazing and pleasing game LUDO.
3.Ludo Game: New(2018) Dice Game, The Star android / iphone
Top 10 best ludo games android/iphone 2018
It has 4 different modes for you to make it interesting. Simple old rules are there in this game as well. Like safe on Star, open and second chance if the dice rolled 6. A multiplayer facility available. Apart from this, it was amazing and smooth graphics with good sound quality. This captivating game has a spell on everyone and all of the people love to play such an old game as it gives them retro feels. Everyone loves Ludo in this fast moving word. Download it and enjoy!
4.Ludo Game: 2018 Ludo Star Game android
Top 10 best ludo games android/iphone 2018
It is a very interesting game for ages. This puzzle of Ludo game has 3D effects with neat graphics. It is a multiplayer game and you can play with people across the world. This board game is there to make your lives even more interesting than ever and make your minds work even faster. Your dice and tokens are dependent on luck. Android users can download this game for free for the net.one of the best ludo game android 2019.
5.Ludo Master – Best Ludo Game 2018 android / iphone
Top 10 best ludo games android/iphone 2018
This Ludo game is very delightful and enjoyable. Once you start playing this game you will not stop playing it. it has very good graphics and sound quality. You can play it on a computer or even with your friends and even with people worldwide. This game gives you immense joy when you play it. it is based on strategy as well and is very challenging. So, download this game and be a Ludo Master.
6.Classic Ludo Board Star 2018 android
Top 10 best ludo games android/iphone 2018
Play this game with 2, 3, 4 players. Ludo has always been everyone’s favourite. Play this simple game with easy instructions. You can invite your friends to join in for a game when you are bored. This game has cute animation in it like you have the Punch animation when you beat your opponent and walking animation for moving forward. This game is highly engrossing and loved by people of all ages. Download this classic Ludo game for free and enjoy it.best ludo game android 2019.
7.Ludo Champion android / iphone
Top 10 best ludo games android/iphone 2018
This game ludo champion is a very addictive game and it also has snakes and ladder in it. You can play this game anytime with friends and with the computer too. It has simple and easy rules and instructions. You will be given 4 tokens which are to complete the full circle on the board and reach home. In snakes and ladder, you have to start from the starting point and reach up to the finish. Ludo champion is played worldwide. So download his game Android users and play your heart out.
8.Ludo Fun 3D android
Top 10 best ludo games android/iphone 2018
This game will bring out the kid in you. This game has 3D characters in it and new look too. You can choose your favourite colour team and play the game. this game can be played by kids and people of all ages. Ludo has simple rules. Open on 6 and a second chance too for it. Keep moving forward take a full circle of the board and reach home. Players across the world are waiting for your challenge. So download it and play this game.
9.Happy Ludo – android / iphone
Top 10 best ludo games android/iphone 2018
A simple straightforward game where people win and lose. This Happy Ludo game works on the same set of rules. If your dice get number 6 then open and start your game with once extra chance on it, having to land on coloured blocks none can kill you, win the game by taking the full round of the game and enter your house. Acquire all the fun that you can from this epic Ludo game. You can download this game and enjoy playing it people and computer as well.
10.Ludo neo classic – android / iphone
Top 10 best ludo games android/iphone 2018
Ludo neo has the touch of both international rules and Nepali rules and side by side it adds on customization as per your needs. This game has outstanding animation like the dice to changes the colour of the actual player on turn. A twist in everything is so exciting all the time. So sit back and relax and play Ludo neoclassic
This Indian board game provides you to kill time in a very exciting way. These best  ludo games android/iphone 2019 mentioned above are very entertaining and engaging and fun to play. Ludo has been everyone’s favourite for ages. I strongly recommend you to download these games on your mobiles.  Be an expert at playing them and also have fun with your friends and show them who is the boss.

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