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Karate games are trending a lot these days. These games even provide you with self-defence techniques. These karate games are very nice and thrilling games with realistic characters in them. You will get addicted to these games as they are educating you to fight if someone attacks you in real life. Everyone should play such games and share it with their friends as well. Here are some top best karate games which you might like to download and play.
Top 10 best karate games android/iphone 2018
1.) Karate King Fighter: Kung Fu  Final Fighting  android
Top 10 best karate games android/iphone 2018
Become the legendary fighter in this game by adapting the skills of fighting. This game has some amazing superpower knock-outs and kung-fu style. The environment in this game is too good and attractive. The music has its own charm in the game. The more you defeat your enemy the more you get promoted. Participate in the competition and win rewards. Fight the dangerous fighters and become the champion in this game. Karate king fighter has an easy and smooth control panel to use. The game is available to download from play store.one of the best karate game android 2019.
2.) Infinity Superheroes vs Immortal Gods: Karate Game android
Top 10 best karate games android/iphone 2018
If you love super-heroes and karate then this game is perfect for you as it is the combination of both the elements.  The game is completely free on the android market. You have to play this game as a beast. This game has the option of assembling your super team to defeat the opponents. Superheroes have super powers so you get to enjoy the kung-fu, super-powers, and boxing style in this game. The level of this game is too good to be handled. Just play on as the arena is set for you to enjoy your game and have mind-blowing fun in it.
3.) Karate fighting warrior 3D  android / iPhone
Top 10 best karate games android/iphone 2018
This game has simple and good skills. It has a storyline as well. It is filled with unique styles and combos. The fighting sound a very realistic and thrilling.easy to control as the screen has smooth sliding property. Karate fighting is a mix of boxing, karate, wrestling which is very addictive and this game is worth the download. So reach the app store and download it for your iOS device. one of the best karate game android/iphone 2019.
4.) Army Kung Fu Master 2018: Shinobi Karate Fighting android
Top 10 best karate games android/iphone 2018
Army kung-fu takes you to another level of karate fighting. This fighting game has an everlasting effect on the people playing it as this game has a totally new way of playing karate. It has been designed in an army manner and it has play mode and karate modes in it. Knock People out of the game and win each game. Fight with commandos. The military area is the new fun in this game and experience. Have fun playing this exciting game with a new angle. The game is completely free in the play store and can be downloaded easily.
5.) Karate street crime fighter 3D  android / iPhone
Top 10 best karate games android/iphone 2018
Download this free game on your iOS device in order to kill some time. Go online and fight in karate style. In this game you will get superpowers, punch, kick, block and jump options displayed on your screen with knife, gun, sword, baseball bat to use in this game. Be the protector, vindicator, the God of this game and defeat the villains and the evil clans. This game is fun to play once understood. The only target in this game is to defeat the rowdy troublemakers.
6.) Karate Fighting Tiger 3D  android / iPhone
Top 10 best karate games android/iphone 2018
Play this amazing game on karate and be the tiger. You can master this game and unlock the belts. Enjoy the new Japanese style of fighting. The 3D effects and graphics in this game are really commendable. There are powerful enemies on your way whom you have to defeat. Enjoy playing this wonderful thrilling game of karate. Download it now from play store!
7.) Kung Fu Rivals Street Karate Fighting  android
Top 10 best karate games android/iphone 2018
Thrilling and exciting game on karate is nowhere for you. Play this game and you will never regret playing it. This game has a different arena to fight in. the street karate fights are very good as the graphics make them look so good on your mobile screens. You have a combo in this fighting game which you can use to defeat the main villain of the game, Kung. The sound quality is full of energy which gives you enthusiasm for playing it further. It is a good and addictive game to be downloaded from the play store.
8.) Royal Karate Training Kings: Kung Fu Fighting 2018  android
Top 10 best karate games android/iphone 2018
Download this game and you will never regret it. Be the kung-fu fighting master in this Karate game. Test your professional fighter skills and be the tiger in Kung-fu. There are different fighting styles in this game. The best is that when you play in the career mode as it gives a good experience and a storyline as well. Train and make yourself better in the quick fighting mode. Win matches and gets rewards in it. Good music and sound in the game. Download it for free from play store.
9.) Kungfu ninja fight 2018  android / iPhone
Top 10 best karate games android/iphone 2018
The playing buttons are there on the screen for you to play with. This game is highly addictive as it is played in the ring. See the best kung-fu ninja and defeat it with your ninja. It has good graphics and you will enjoy playing this game very much. Download this game all you iPhone users out there.
10.) Karate Fighting Tiger 3D – 2  android / iPhone
Top 10 best karate games android/iphone 2018
This game as the name suggests has 3D graphics and has Japanese fighting style. This game is not that easy to play as it has strong enemies so you have to train yourself much to defeat them. This game has some amazing features. Train and practise to unlock the martial art belts and give a knock out to your enemies. The contest and survival mode are there to earn point. You can even earn points by surviving the longest in the ring. Play hard and train hard. Enjoy it on your android smartphone.
These best karate games android/iphone 2019 are so full of energy and packed with realistic graphics that you just won’t stop playing them. These games are addictive and challenging. These were some of the best karate games. Go ahead and download them. If you found this information helpful then please do share and comment. Thanks!

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