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Cricket is the favourite game of majority of people infact people never misses any chance to convert even the smallest of the smallest place into a stadium for this game, than why should your mobile phones be left out from this wonderful game to be played on.
Now a days there are an array of cricket games available on android and ios based operating systems. Such a variety of applications available for this game will not only satisfy your needs for this game but will also provide you the best ever experience with cricket. So lets focus on the top 10 best cricket apps on android/ios an convert your mobile phone into a mobile stadium.

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top 10 best cricket games android / iphone 2018

1. REAL CRICKET 2018   android  /  iphone

best cricket games android / iphone 2018

This cricket app is on the first place in the list of top 10 best cricket games  android /iphone 2019. Real cricket 18 is available only as a mobile app and infact is better than most of the cricket games available on personal computer and gamilng consoles. Real cricket 18 gameplay is the best amongst other applications in this category which provides multiple modes such as world cup, 20-20, under 19 etc etc. Even batting gameplay of this game is amazing which makes it the best mobile cricket game app on this planet with shots like helicopter, upper cut, sweep, cover drive, flick and may more. So downlaod this app today to get the best cricket experience on your mobile device.

2. WORLD CRICKET CHAMPIONSHIP 2  android   /  iphone 

best cricket games android 2018

Sits on the 2nd position on the list of best cricket games  2019 this game is the most versatile amongst its contender apps in the android market.
With the best in class gameplay and the graphics that will blow your mind the game is divided into 3 formats which are Test,Odi and T20.
The game has almost all of the national teams and provides you with 30+ stadiums all over the word to play on.The game being known for its versatility has an array of batting shots and bowling actions which will provide you the best in class cricket experience in the game.

3. CRICKET T20 FEVER 3D   android  /  iphone

best cricket games iphone 2018

This app is also amongst the best apps to fullfill your desires for cricket game on your mobile devices. Being an android app it is available on google play and provides the best action packed experience on your device. The gameplay and graphics are just amazing with multiple modes to play with.
The apps gives you contoll over the batting as well as bowling line so that you can score runs and win the game having a full control of yours over the game.

4. KKR CRICKET 18  android  /  iphone

best cricket games android 2018

It is one of the best and latest cricket game app available on android and is created by Indiagames ltd. The gameplay of this game has some unique modes that other games in this category does not have one of them being Event mode. Event mode in this game is a task based mode or challenge based mode where players has to complete the challenges like you have to hit 3 sixes in an over or you have to take 1 wicket in an over and similar other challenges are available in this game mode which is very unique.

5. SACHIN SAGA   android iphone

best cricket games android 2018

Created by Jet Play Sachin Saga is the latest game which has just landed on the play store for this category. Being officialy launched by Sachin Tendulkar the game comes with two different modes to play with Legendary mode and event mode.Event mode offers an array of challneges and tasks to its players while legendary mode players can build their dream team and play every single match with that team.The game has one of the best gamplays in the category with the best in class visuals and sound effects which makes the game even more interesting with the brand name of Sachin.

6.MS DHONI THE UNTOLD STORY  android  iphone

best cricket games 2018

This cricket game app is one of the best available on android market play store now a days . Created by Hungama Games this app has a lot to offer in terms of game modes, infact there is also an offline mode avilable for this game. The game being very straightforward and simple it has the best graphics in this category and has a brand name of Dhoni which has made this app downloaded by more than 5 million of players.

7. SMASH CRICKET  android  iphone

best cricket games android 2018

This is another best game in the list of top 10 android/ios based cricket games in 2018. The smash cricket is known for the variety of game modes that it provides to its players which are supers series,legendary, chaalenge , chase down and many more. The game has great graphics and decent gameplay with an offline mode to play as well.

8. STICK CRICKET  android  /  iphone

best cricket game iphone 2018

This app is the most popular cricket game application available on ios in the year 2018. The game is very easy and straightforward for its players with characters having cartoonish touch which makes this game unique from other games in this category. STICK CRICKET provides a complete control of the game to its players where you can manage your whole team and control your batting and bowling line with the best players in your team.
The graphics of the game are pretty much simple but unique with ultimate sound effects.

9. CRICKET WORLDCUP FEVER   android  /  iphone

best cricket games android/iphone 2018

This game is the best game avilable on the app store/ios in 2018. This game is developed by Indiagames ltd which is one of the best mobile game develper in the market.The game comes with High Definition graphics and has 3D characters and an array of stadiums to play on.Even though the game have lot of modes and variety of batting and bowling actions the gameplay is very simple.

10. HITWICKET CRICKET GAME 2018  android  iphone

best cricket games android 2018

If you want to win all the cricket matches and creat a team that can lead you to success than download Hitwicket CRicket Game from app store today. In this game you can either become a coach or a captain and train your team by even sending them to academies.The game has great graphics and nice sound effects.


so guy’s these are the best cricket games android/iphone 2019. let’s make a team and play with your friends/family members. all the best and top rated cricket games 2019 you will find it here. let’s check out realistic graphics and awesome gameplay with it. just download and start playing now.

it’s gaming time.

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