Top 15 apps like Vidmate Android/iOS 2018

 best apps like vidmate Android/ iPhone

1. HD Video Downloader Android

best apps like vidmate Android

The HD Video Downloader is an app that is widely popular among mobile users who are crazy enough to search some of the best video downloading app. the app is one of the superb apps that hit the top charts among other web apps. Also, it is easily accessed by any user around the world. The app stimulates most of the web users and gives a handy comfort to all its users. It relatively supports all Android devices.

2. All Tube Video Downloader Android

 best apps like vidmate Android

The app is an all-rounder app that easily downloads all type of videos without any lagging from any source website. Also, it allows sharing and fast accessing absolutely free through any android devices. The app is easily located and gives some easy tabs and tools to its users to perform any action and vice versa.

3. Allvids Video Android

best apps like vidmate Android

The app justifies to its name in its functionality. The app is smart for smartphones to download any online video that’s accessible on the internet. The app is designed basically keeping a variety of users around the world either they are familiar enough or not with the smart features, probably almost any new user can also complete downloading through its accented features available on digital media out here. It openly supports Android devices.

4. iTube iPhone

best apps like vidmate iPhone

The iTube is a video downloader app that allows its users a variety of downloading options like videos, daily online updates, latest music, and songs. It can also help in downloading another kind of content from almost all multimedia websites. It has some superb features that make it handy enough to be dealt with by many users widely online and offline to function. It works as a smart video downloader. The iTube is one of the most popular video downloaders for the iOS and Android devices.

5. BaDoink Video Downloader Android/ iPhone

best apps like vidmate Android/ iPhone

The BaDoink Video Downloader is a popular video downloader application that allows flawless downloading on any Android devices. This app gives a swift downloading with fast streaming online while downloading videos and other files. It amazingly gives you a comfort to download songs and videos of your choices right from the internet online from all over the world.

6. TrumpTube ANdroid

best apps like vidmate Android

The trump tube is another same from the video downloading apps. This is currently open only for Android users to download some video stuff directly through the web without any hustle. The videos you fail to find on Youtube could be searched and downloaded right from this app.

7. IDM+ Download Manager Android

 best apps like vidmate Android

IDM+ Download Manager is a smart video downloader accomplished with some smart inbuilt features that are completely handy for a range of users. It has inclusively a web browser configured to comply downloading right from the web without any a headache and struggle right from the web. Still, it gets hectic for those who are not internet friendly rather they are mobile-friendly.

8. Mediasclip Android

best apps like vidmate Android

The Mediasclip Video Downloader is a superfast downloader for videos directly through the is really more than that having a personal web browser. Also, it gives its users a comfort zone to easily perform the desired search and download right from the web. The app is openly streamed on any web or Android devices.

9. Shuffly: Android

 best apps like vidmate Android

The Shuffly is an app with some attractive shuffle features as its name. It boldly asked you for your zone and genre that you are interested to make a search for downloading that particular song or video. Also, it amazingly presents some top shuffled videos that collectively bring so many options at a time that make your search for related download super easy .it also streams videos online and it is common to OG Tube.

10. Floating Tube: Android

best apps like vidmate Android

According to its name, the Floating Tube is far better from other downloaders with its amazing floating window quality. It reflects a picture mode where any user can also stream on videos in the Play back mode. Also with its exclusive PIP feature, you can easily make out some time playing with other apps simultaneously during the downloading.

11. Videoder:iPhone

best apps like vidmate iPhone

The Videoder is one of its common downloader like any other one that allows downloading a bunch of videos right from the web. Here, you can fetch videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Hot Star, Voot, VK more and more like them. Most of the new sites are queued to be attached within the app very soon that is awaited. It amazingly converts videos to Mp3, 4K support, batch downloading, Audio tag editor, App theming etc.

12. Play Tube / Flytube: Android/ iPhone

best apps like vidmate Android/iPhone

The Play tube is really a simple app without any lagging issue that much smartly works and helps in downloading with patience. It allows video plays right in the themes. It gives a smart feature to craft and saves your particular video playlist. It hits badly when users don’t find the app in the Play Store as this app is available right on the internet where you can search for extension and install in your mobile desktop by XDA Labs.

13. Tubemate Android/ iPhone

 best apps like vidmate Android/ iPhone

The Tubemate App is the most popular video downloader cum streaming online application throughout the world. It syncs more than 25 online platforms and website as a host app to allow video downloading and online displaying of music videos and songs of your favorite artists. You can directly download the app and install it easily. It randomly supports web-based and Android-based devices organically.

14. Snaptube Android/ iPhone

best apps like vidmate Android/ iPhone

The Snaptube is an app with UI that also avails downloading and streaming of videos. It usually serves as host app for more other online web platforms that openly supports YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Daily motion and so on. But hard to hear it is also not on Play store the users have to put some efforts to find the direct link and extension before downloading or streaming the relevant videos but no doubt once it got you can enjoy the best HD videos right on your desktop either on PC or Mobile.

15. FvdTube Android/ iPhone

best apps like vidmate Android/ iPhone

The FvdTube is another Web-based downloading App compatible to Androids too. It paves ways to download more and more videos right from the web. Also, it offers to download of TV series, songs, music clippings and much more. Just by copy/paste, the option you can easily install the app right from the web. Also, it converts any video just in MP3 if you wish for one. It is also a compact app both for mobile and Desktop.a

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