Hey guys are you need apps like trivia android/iPhone 201.
Here I pick all the best and top rated quiz apps like trivia 2019.
Trivia is one of the popular and most downloaded app for quiz gaming.
Just  download and enjoy interesting quiz competition on your smartphone.
All types of different different quiz you will part on and enjoy.
Play single or multi player with your friends and family members.
Best the score challenges and much more.
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apps like trivia
1. Quiz up android / iphone
apps like trivia
As like as its name, Quiz up it’s an addictive quiz app that enables a quiz game for a variety of users.it decently supports android/iOS platform. It is a slender and beautifully designed app that creates stats, the slot of hassles quiz around the globe and let you experience an amazing outcome of gameplay.
2. Trivia Crack Kingdoms android / iphone 
apps like trivia
The Trivia Crack Kingdoms is a fruition of the popular quiz app Trivia Crack. It explores new challenges for your friends to trivia quizzes with some slot of questions and allows a quiz race to see who is the smartest and debauched. It is a desperate quiz gameplay app.
3. Family Feud 2 android / iphone
apps like trivia
The Family Feud 2 app is most likely a classic TV game show to your mobile/androids devices, but like the intrusive app, you will find it a tacky game show, its indiscreet ads, assertive upgrades are enough to frustrate you while playing but still it is a good choice.
4. Brain Café / Geo quiz android
apps like trivia
This is a smart interface radiant geo quiz app with the latest additive features like linked with Wikipedia and other information relevance with various niches. You can opt a country and can enable the geo-based quiz. It’s a fun quiz gameplay.
5. Charades android / iphone
apps like trivia
The Charades is a free multiple game app for Android/iOS. It is a word app basically it includes a variety of games like quizzes, world cup, learning new things from different scenarios and has been developed by FatChicken Studios. It’s designed with recommendations for kids, a specific Age 10-12, students. It’s absolutely free to download the app.
6. Atriviate android / iphone
apps like trivia
The Atriviate app is a decent chat like the app (updated Triviados) is a trivia-pursuit game in the style of the prevalent Trivial Pursuit board game. With lots of challenging questions, its give you fresh fun while gaming. It is specifically an android gameplay.
7. Face Up android
apps like trivia
The Face Up – latest selfie game selfie game is an incredible selfie game app that lets you disguise stickers, emojis and more. It let you take pictures, with its fascinating attires and also share them with your friends. Here you can create a gameplay with your friends just by answering the right gestures of each other. If want to go wild in games you can pick this app. There are suitable get-ups like a pirate, a zombie, a mad scientist, with different face ups and makeups.
8. Akinator the Genie android / iphone
apps like trivia
The Akinator the Genie is an app with brilliance skill that can logically infuse with your mind. The user will imagine a character, real or fictional; Akinator will then ask an enlisted questionnaire that you have to guess in. the app will amaze you with its significant answers. For more fun, you can join your friends and make it more exciting with Akinator gaming.
9. Kahoot android / iphone
apps like trivia
Here Kahoot is a free game app for the multiplatform app(available for iPhone users), that is pick from the education category by Kahoot! It has some selected English learners who can opt for this smart and wise game app. It has moderate users globally. One who seeks for fun with the education they can make a choice on Kahoot.
10. Trivia Crack android / iphone
apps like trivia
Trivia Crack is a game created by Aworded that depths you counter to your friends to forth your skills and awareness to different interesting topics to test abilities in a very eloquent way. It includes a panel of questions to be prompted in a set timeline. It allows you to play the multiple games in the same slot with desiring player of your choice. It is a Facebook familiar gameplay app for most users.
11. Colormania android / iphone
apps like trivia
The Colormania is a fun game assorted with picture quiz for Android/iOS. You will screen a logo and different bright colored icons in front of you in a sequence. Where you have to detect the name of the color. Based on color its named as Colormania. A well presented and exciting game for all. But you are limited with some chance to play and a wrong guess can mark you out. Colormania is a twister like the gameplay of this genre it is fun playing it.
12. SongPop android / iphone
apps like trivia
The SongPop is a game where one-on-one quizzes with gameplay modes are released in the game with different song listed. As a music quiz that issues a song playlists to check your skill by telling the genre, era, with the relevant country music of the 60s, 70s, and 2010s. Players mint coins while appearing in a set of rounds. Also, you are free to unlock more options for challenging playlists  Android users can enjoy the SongPop version with the latest update.
apps like trivia 2019
The Fleet with is an app that enables brain-races games. It allows you real-time access features where you have to sort some and answer trivia questions promptly. A set of free races are infused in the gaming to make it more interesting to engage more players.  Also, you can mint to participate in higher tier brain races with winners scoring prizes like cash or gift certificates. An update to the real-cash by this gameplay app. A witty game for a variety of users.
14. The World Flags Quiz android / iphone
apps like trivia
People who are always eager to play quizzes can opt for The World Flags Quiz Slide Puzzle app that binds you with a nice exciting game that enthralls you with knowledge of flags with sliding puzzles.
Here you have to solve the tiles by placing them swiftly inside it like a jigsaw. There are trivia questions enlisted with every puzzle that makes it more fun. Best for children and knowledge seekers.
15. Clue Bingo android / iphone
apps like trivia
One of the best mystery game app where you have to play by finding clues and sorting them. This is a splendid game app by Storm8 Studios. An adventurous game app for fun. You reach to rewards by unlocking more levels in the game with spectacular graphics and animations. You can have hours of fun by gaming the clue bingo. It energizes you with applying boost. It is a best android suited game app download for free and double you fun. You can earn real cash by using in-app items.
So guy’s these are the best apps like trivia android/iPhone 2019.
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