Hey guys are you searching for best apps like tez android/iPhone 2019.
Here is the best apps like tez android/iPhone 2019.
Tez is most famous unified payment gateway app by Google.
You can pay directly from your bank to another bank in seconds.
Just register your mobile no. And search your bank create a upi code and you all set for making transaction in seconds.
This is one of the far best app for upi transactions.
So guy’s are you ready to discover similar apps like tez android/iPhone 2019
Here we go
apps like tez
1. PayGoWallet android / iphone
apps like tez
The PayGo Wallet is an App that opens a way for E-payment and online transactions. The app issues a statement with all updates. It gives you so many banking features with access to a virtual payment card to use frequently for any services. It allows users an easy way of online shopping. It supports all Android/iOS platform devices.
2. Square Point of Sale android / iphone
apps like tez
The Square Point of Sale is designed for business purposes. Any user that craves out any online payment app that helps in advancing business services to enhance its productivity or profitability can use this app. It is a simple app that inculcates handy tools that any user can use with ease. It mainly accepts payments with the help of a square reader/square stand through any digital card. No doubt it resembles in features with TEZ app but still, it is a more enhanced app for online payments.
3. AirPay android / iphone
apps like tez
The AirPay is a trusted online money transfer and payment application that is based on a digital card currency transaction. It is truly a reliable app for transferring and receiving cash through the globe anywhere just by adding your authentic native details. It also gives you a secured platform for any online payment and money transfer. The airplay is compatible with every iOS/Android supportive phone. Also, it gives you safe pay with advanced features that make it more professional.
4. ePayments android / iphone
apps like tez
The ePayments is a digital app that exclusively functions like a digital wallet that helps in handling money matters online like payments and transfers. This is really beneficial for those who are crazy to carve out money from the internet. One who is witty much to doubles their money can go for the app. It is a renowned app on the internet that is widely used all over the world from recent times for payments, receiving money, shopping and online orders.
apps like tez 2019
The Vodafone Wallet is an adjacent payment app particulars of Vodafone. It is a digitally designed app that reduces the stress of your pocket wallet. It enables accessibility with its most frequent tools that help you functionalize the app efficiently with clear understandings. It is an easy online app that only designed for any iOS/Android supportive devices with a simple click.
6. TrueMoney Transfer android / iphone
apps like tez
The TrueMoney Transfer is one of the rent-free apps that gives accessibility through your Androids/phones on a global platform. The app with technically advanced features can mainly be used to outreach any country or global destination. You can very easily make money transfers and receive payments through online transferring through this swift and safe application. Most importantly it supports any visa /master card for payments.
7. Google Wallet android / iphone
apps like tez
The Google Wallet is a subtle payment app by widely renowned google inc. it is the same as the most money transferring app but still, some features make it outstanding from the most common app. Inheriting name from Google it gives easier to go like tools to handle the app and make possible money transfers. receiving payments, online shopping etc. It is a verified and secured online application. That support Android/iPhone/iOs based devices.

8. Paytm android / iphone

apps like tez
The Paytm  is a most popular app used worldwide. It get its significance because it has very simple features and easily stream on any network mode. Basically there is a host QRcode that scan code and get accessibility to online web browser.there is an option where you can link your verified bank accounts with authentication. It is a multitask utility app that has a wallet and inbuilt bank account generated through any register mobile number. It allows  money transfer, payment, Fix deposit and other entiing gold offers. You can download it on any Android/iOs based devices.
9. mPAY  iphone
apps like tez
the mPAY is most resembbleing to Paytm but not has all features similar to it it is also a money wallet and money transferring app. It renders some decent services very efficiently. It has a highly secured application that is widely used by people around the globe. It is completely free to install and funnction.  The app needs a 4-didgit pin and  a registre number to strat its services through out. It is very secured appfor online shopping.
10. google pay  android  /  iphone
apps like tez 2019
The Android Pay is actually a digital wallet incorporated by Google itself. It has a NFC feature NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION system that enbles some prominent features that other apps not have. With this exclsive features it can interpret any card/chip and pin for trnsactions and help their customer have secured fund transferring, and resume uploading in the Android pay wallet.  It is basically tremendously advanced app by google.
11. WebMoney Keeper android / iphone
apps like tez
Like any other app the WebMoney Keeper is  a free to use app that mages your monetary balances. It is popular of its reliable and easy tools that gives a variety of users a random accessibility.  Also,it helps you manage your payments, accounts, transactions and other money related issues. It gives a fully accessed control on the flow of cash. It gives you so many offers that entice  a user to rely on the app for a long time.
12. Capital One Wallet  android  iphone
similar apps like tez 2019
With the eeedddous features a new app Capital One Wallet is also running on the web to give users a new experience of savig money. It has some specific options that makes it a decent money manager app. It gives you a port to link your accounts of different banks and cards. It has userfirndly tools that makes it easier for feeble clients. It has so many resembing features like TEZ app. It also supports android/iOs based devices.
13. CapriPay android / iphone
apps like tez
The CapriPay is an app by Tospites internet ltd. It has quite features that upkeeps all the latest information. It is also a web based app that entirely gives it a worldy significnce. It is absolutely free app that encourages more users to install it and take benefit from the application and its reialble features. It has easy register system that allows many more customers to attract towards it. It notify its clientele and keep them connected in the secured login.
apps like tez 2019
MyVirtualMerchant/converge is a cloud-host app that renders payment, transactions, money transfer, fund transfer and etc. specifically have ultimate features that helps in leading small and large businesses. It gives a flexibility to its client and users to deal on a secured platform. It renders solutions to yoour financial problems. Also it generates a mail simutneously as a witness. They makes the app highly secured and traditional. It can be accessed by your register mobile number.
15. Square Cash or Cash App iphone
apps like tez
The Square Cash or Cash App was designed by square Inc. It gives user two way money transfer app that renders money transfer, and other transactions and cash account directly through app or e-mail. It gives a passcode security. You can withdraw and transfer moneyand  through ATM debit/credit card. Also, it users to keep record through generated e-mail as a proof. The app is compatible to any Android/iOs basd devices.
So guy’s these are the best apps like tez android/iPhone 2018.
Let’s download and set up your bank account with them and start sending money from one account to another in seconds.
This is the new way of doing transaction.
No otp or late procedure.
Just enter the upi code and it’s done.
All the shopping stores now accepting upi payment directly from upi address.
Just enter your upi I’d and pay directly.
So guy’s now you have varaity of similar apps like tez android/iPhone 2018.
Let’s download and enjoy upi transactions on your smartphone.
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