Top 15 apps like Spotify Android/iOS 2018

best apps like Spotify Android/ iPhone

1. YouTube Music iPhone

best apps like Spotify iPhone

YouTube Music is a Google extended app. It is an amazing platform for a wide range of users. A super easy platform more variety of users and also it enables you to upload or download your own videos just in seconds. It is a means of earning today for so many users around the world. It gives access to a large number of communities. It is a music based platform with splendid features and updates. There is a subscription option for your favorite sources where people can keep track of it. Any Android/iOS app superbly supports this music app.

2. AppleMusic Android/ iPhone

best apps like Spotify Android / iPhone

The AppleMusic app is designed most common to iTunes Radio. There are plenty of playlists, albums and a great collection of songs can be easily streamed on the app. A user can easily enlist and save their personal playlist with their relevant references. It offers updates on new songs and top chartbuster releases. It inclusively gives you so many quite features where you can tune your favorite channel and recommendation. You can select your desired genre of music and style and go ahead with the music beyond the walls. It supports iOS-based devices.

3. Pandora iPhone

 best apps like Spotify iPhone

Pandora is an app that behaves like any music service station and it has some stupendous features with channels, radio stations, and so many other tools that help in fetching your favorite tracks on the app smoothly. It has the option to save, replay, and so more. There is no pricking of ads that interferes the mood. There is an additionally paid version to save your music track to be viewed and enjoyed later.

4. Tidal iPhone

best apps like Spotify iPhone

The Tidal is a music app which has lots of music with an extreme sound feature. If you love to listen to music on the loud note than you must go with Tidal it will give you an outstanding music experience online. Most of the celebrities love to have a TIDAL app just because of its rarest sound and streaming features. You can signup for free but you need to further pay some amount to rejoice and continue the music experience. It’s specific for Android/iOS-based devices.

5. Napster iPhone

best apps like Spotify iPhone

The Napster is a music streaming application that allows its users to explore more with the application it gives you a wide range of music with different genres. You can enjoy the best music just for free both online and offline with premium versions. It has a subscribing option after a 30 days trial pack. The app randomly supports iOS-based and Android devices.

6. 8tracks iPhone

best apps like Spotify iPhone

The 8tracks music app works significantly like its name the configured playlists are created by the real users. It gives you an absolute free music collection according to the genres where you have no need to craft your folders as per your choices of songs. You can play music for any categories and hang out with them anywhere. It widely supports Android and iOS

7. Slacker iPhone

best apps like Spotify iPhone

The Music app Slacker is one more music app with a great combination of streaming and variety of collection. It consoles a variety of music channels as per your desire and choices. Also, inclusively it allows users to manage weather updates, sports news, and other current updates within the app. Also, you can generate your own music channels where you can transmit your own music videos to be published and liked.

8. TuneIn Radio Android/ iPhone

 best apps like Spotify Android/ iPhone

This music is based on old times radio where it has some stations that are purely dedicated to Radio patterns that insistently give access to its users to enjoy the ultimate sense of online Radio stations with al pause and plays. Also, it tracks and publishes online latest updates and news on a variety of topics. It launches some eccentric talk shows that most of the creative mind peoples love to hear and enjoy the app is fully supported by iOS/Android-based devices.

9. MyVevo Android/ iPhone

best apps like Spotify Android/iPhone

The music Vevo app is another decent app with a compact of audio and video. Here you can enjoy your favorite music by creating a playlist. It gives you ultimate features like screening live performances of your favorite artists. You can track them and subscribe them for their latest updates and launches. You can share and like your music with others you find similar to you. It openly supports iOS/Android-based applications.

10. Qello Concerts Android/ iPhone

 best apps like Spotify Android/ iPhone

The ultimate Music app Qello Concerts is basically designed for real music lovers who are a crazy fan of music. Here you can enjoy the music of your favorite stars and celebs that are music lovers, singers, performers, and artists too. Also, you can share your likes and comments for your loved ones. It allows a free subscription for a pack of few songs. Moreover, if you love to go beyond on the music you can take up free membership for whole experience without any interruptions.

11. MusixMatch Android /iPhone

best apps like Spotify Android/ iPhone

This MusixMatch app is like any other music app with some common features but in the case in search of some particular song and music, you can take help from this app. The app is best in detecting the particular music with a variety of options with lyrics as well as compositions that could match your search. You can open up the app with any other app through sync that allows to output lyrics for the songs. The best app in some unique features swiftly supports all Android/iOs based devices.

12. Grooveshark Android/ iPhone

 best apps like Spotify Android/ iPhone

Another decent music app that is smart enough to allow its users to make some common intuitive as well as some unique features that superbly supports most Androids/iOS application devices. Grooveshark is a free music app for a wide variety of users. There is an additional web-app for desktop users to download your favorite music tracks and songs also it gives you suggestions as per your frequent searches. It also has a paid version for some specific tools if needed.

13. MOG FreePlay Android/ iPhone

best apps like Spotify Android/ iPhone

The MOG FreePlay is a subscription-based music app. It allows access to most of the latest music available online. You can easily sign-in through Facebook and share your music openly with your friends. You can earn points and convert them into real cash with music online through this app. still with some paid restrictions, it is a decent music app to invite more friends and enjoy in groups. The app is supported by Android/iOS-based devices openly.

14. Rdio Android/ iPhone

best apps like Spotify Android/ iPhone

The Rdio I one of its kind desktop music app. which allows music download and upload absolutely interruption free. It is an app launched by the skype originated groups. You can have immense joy while streaming the app. you can easily share your tracks and songs with almost any website and also get recommendations for more access. It has handy features with paid versions that somewhere restrict their users. Anyhow the app is enough capacity to manage its stability with its decent tools and quality features for a variety of users.

15. SoundHound Android/ iPhone

best apps like Spotify Android/ iPhone

Last, not the least this app is almost loftier like any other music app. It gives access to a variety of options for songs and composition for your relevant searches. It allows a song-sync where you can sing a song and make a search just in a fling. It has so many attractive features including showcasing lyrics and themes with particular generes. It is uniquely designed music compact for a variety of users worldwide. It is finely supported by any type of Android versions and iOSbaed applications.

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