Top 15 Apps like Sarahah Android/ iOS 2018

 best apps like sarahah Android/ iPhone

1. Anomo Android/ iPhone

best apps like sarahah Android/ iPhone

This is a social networking application that works anonymously. The app allows users to make new relationships and also without telling them their original identity. Also, anyone with same interest you can be friends from all over the world. Also, it is a safe application that supports iOS/Android devices.

2. Psst Android

 best apps like sarahah Android

The PSST is another social networking app that behaves like a private application that renders some private space to its users to come along in a chat and have some personal time with each other. The app has a feature where it keeps your identity completely anonymous. It is easily compiled o any Android/iOS application without any lagging.

3. Lega talk iPhone

best apps like sarahah iPhone

LegaTalk is more like its name where you can share your talks and thoughts with more anonymous peoples like you. Also, the platform keeps full privacy and security for its users to kept their identity completely anonymous for the other users. The app is supported on any Android device easily without any hard hurdles in installing or using.

4. ASKfm Android/ iPhone

best apps like sarahah Android/iPhone

The ASKfm is a social application that is based on a question-answer format for further interaction. It gives some questions where desiring peoples need to generate their profile and a fake anonymous identity to interact with other peoples of common interest. Also through this app, you can talk to any user around the world who wish to respond to your questions for further relationship. It is an android based application.

5. NoName iPhone

 best apps like sarahah iPhone

The NoName is justified its title in the real sense it encloses your real identity and keep it like No name for other users and without any fear you can share your feelings and emotions to any user. Also, it inclusively provides some chat rooms for chatting with any user on the other end that will be going to be completely safe and secured.

6. Jodel Android/ iPhone

 best apps like sarahah Android / iPhone

Jodel is a social networking application for large communities of same interest. Here the app publishes some random topics and the people joined the chat to share their ideas and perceptions for the relevant topics. Also, a user can send invites and share the same to other known or unknown peoples. This is a recommended app for a variety of users. It widely supports Android and iOS-based devices.

7.CityPrism Android

best apps like sarahah Android

The CityPrism app is an app with some fixed social locations for Android users. It is almost like a college campus where different students share their experiences and fun along with each other. Also, they influence other students and create a discussion for further interaction. The app can be easily streamed on any kind of iOS/Android devices.

8. Shush iPhone

best apps like sarahah iPhone

The Shush is a specific feature application that allows the users to share their feelings and emotions through chatting with communities and real peoples. This app was basically designed for some special users who seek a platform to either motivate others or get self-motivated through sharing and discussing thoughts with numerous peoples.

9. After School Android/ iPhone

 best apps like sarahah Android/ iPhone

After School is also another app that is an open social media app but it strictly prohibits the students of school and universities. This application is designed for some extremely private users who share their deeper feelings with their interacted peoples anonymously. It openly supports iOS-based and Android devices.

10. Pal+ iPhone

best apps like sarahah iPhone

The Pal+ is an exclusive app that brings sharing multiple topics and discussions mostly with the people of common ideas and interest. It gives an open Platform to users to converse and have a great bond of friendship with each other. Also, it suggests some topics on daily basis for common interest peoples to share and discuss their feelings in order to strengthen their relationship.

11. Peach Android/ iPhone

best apps like sarahah Android/ iPhone

The Peach is completely a social networking app for sharing some personal ideas and thoughts with your favorite peoples. It gives a client-friendly interface to its users and gives an open frank aboard to invite peoples and share you’re being the way you want with the peoples. It securely handles the privacy of users within the app. it is android and iOS supporting device thoroughly.

12. Spout Android/ iPhone

best apps like sarahah Android/ iPhone

The spout is more likely a chatting based app that gives a social platform to anonymously interact with new peoples. It gives you isolated space for chat freely with any other user. You can ask and share your feelings for particular things you feel shy to talk openly. Also without disclosing your identity, you can share your deeper insights and understandings with any reliable person.

13. Swiflie iPhone

 best apps like sarahah iPhone

The Swiflie is an app that behaves like an open platform of real people with some experts on some particular topics. Also, the users can openly express their feelings and can make them comfortable with sharing their inner understandings and can invite more people to ask and discuss the same. The app is fully aligned with Android/iOS based app.

14. Candid iphone

best apps like sarahah iPhone

The candid is one more smart application for worldwide users on the internet. It allows users to express themselves without any restrictions also you can use the app for sharing your thoughts anonymously with frequent users on the other end. It gives you a secure environment to open your talk with any likeminded people. The app is secured enough on every Android/iOS-based devices.

15. Nearby Android/ iPhone

 best apps like sarahah Android/ iPhone

The Nearby is an app that is socially opened for users who want to have bonded with peoples with hiding their originality who seeks some privacy on the internet for chatting and expressing their feelings with other people randomly. It is not a flirting dating app but it gives you space to meet with new people to discuss social issues. The app completely streams on web/iOS/Android devices easily without any lagging.

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