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Need some apps like jibjab app 2018 android/iPhone.here I pick all the best apps like jibjab 2019.
Enjoy advanced functionality of these apps you get same features and functionality like jibjab.
Jibjab is most popular app available on the Google play store/iOS store for gif and video sharing platform.
Create interesting gifs and videos yourself and share with the world.
If you love the jibjab app than you will also love  these apps also.
Here is the list let’s go
 best apps like jibjab 2019
apps like jibjab android 2018
Facejjang is best alternative of jibjab application . It has various amazing features that  users love it . Users can make fun images and video clips by using this application. Facejjance is the most popular among people for funny photography and entertainment. Users can upload  face pictures to the Facejjang video clips. You can also edit pictures using GIF’S  and accessorize it with wigs, hats, sunglasses and more. With the help of this application users can also input messages on video clip . Facejjang app is  the best source of entertainment , users can also enjoy to upload edit video clips on youtube, pinterest, google plus, email and more .
2- iFunFace   android /  iphone
apps like jibjab android/iphone 2018
IFunFace is an entertaining app that enables its users to get some amazing fun-image experience regarding your family members and friends. This app helps users to create stunning and hilarious animations of them . By using this amazing application you can create charming videos of yourself and others . Unique  feature of this app is that its speech analysis technology automatically creates the animation for users.  iFunFace users can take a new photo or select picture from their existing albums  and users can identify face and mouth of one or multiple characters. People can enjoy to record funny voice and can share it on social media. Users can make their iFunface creations more funny by using hats, glasses, mustaches etc.
3 GIF DIY Maker – Funny GIFs
apps like jibjab 2018 android
This application provides unlimited fun to their users . With the help of this application users can make funny  GIFs easily . For making GIFs you have to choose photo or take  selfie , cut out the headshot , add headshot into GIF template and then share it on social network  spread laoughter everywhere .
4- Crazy Flamenco Dance FREE Crazy  androidiphone
best apps like jibjab android/iphone 2018
Flamenco is one of the best alternative of jibjab app for android/ios 2018. Users can have fun with their friends on weekends and celebrations by using this application. It is totally free application users can dance as an authentic Spanish Flamenco. Using this application you can show your friends how talented dancer you are and how attractive you look with your dress and Spanish hat. With the help of this application you can enjoy the  hilarious music.
5- Dance Video Maker  android  / iphone
best apps like jibjab android/ios 2018
Dance Video Maker is the most entertaining application . Users can create amazing dance video very easily with the help of this application from their photos. Dance video maker is very easy to use . if you want to make humorous dance video , this app will help you a lot . For making amazing video you just have to select photo which you want to use and crop the face so that you can also be the part of dancing video. For making the dance video more attractive you can also select one of Video backgrounds from different backgrounds of your choice and if you want to add music, then you can also select music from the list of dance music. So just download dance video maker and have lots of fun creating gorgeous dance video.
6- FACEinHOLE  android   /  iphone
best apps like jibjab android/ios 2018
This application has most amazing and extraordinary qualities that people love it.  People can have lot of fun bu using this application. More than 150.000 scenarios is  available in this application. With the help of this application People can also create still or moving cards with their own facial expressions and more. This application also helps users to create their own scenarios.  If one can’t find what they want, they can easily create it in a few seconds.
7- Face dance   android  / iphone
apps like jibjab android/iphone 2018
If you like jibjab application then definitely you will like Face dance application. People who love to create funny videos of different categories by face editing, They can create it very easily with the help of this amazing application. People can also increase their happy moments by using this application.With just a few clicks, people can easily create a cool funny video. Face dance provides amusing features for fun loving users .
  best apps like jibjab android 2018
Plus Video Vol.2( plugin app) is the most entertaing application . People who like jibjab app  will surely love to use this application . This application has most charming features that users really love to use. This app provides users free videos. For downloading this application you have to require atleast  100MB empty memory in SD card.
9- ANIMATE ME   android  iphone
similar apps like jibjab android/ios 2018
Animate Me – Dance Video Maker is  one of the most entertaining applications that has various amazing features for fun lovers. With the help of this application one can make funny video and users can have lots of fun  by applying face to the video .  Animate me application enables its users  to create stunning music video , who want to become a star.
apps like jibjab android 2018
FUN photo camera 2 is the most entertaining application. Users can enjoy a lot and increase happy moments with the help of this application.  By using this application, you can create charming photo montages with your favorite photos. One can also create  beautiful and funny pictures with multiple templates: animals, costumes, handsome and atractive guys, tuxedos, etc. . Users can Select a photo from the gallery or take photos using the phone’s camera and can apply amazing image effects to pictures .  boost, brightness, color, contrast, emboss, engrave, flea, gaussian, gamma, grayscale, sharpen, sepia, hue, invert, saturation and many others. You  can also share your creations on social media networks like WhatsApp, Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Twitter, Instagram, Skype . The best thing of this app is that no internet connection is required.

11- Harlem Shake Booth

best apps like jibjab iphone 2018
Harlem Shake Booth is amazing application  that helps  users to create their  own Harlem shake . If you want  to impress your friends in an old retro 9-bit scenario. Harlem shake Booth helps users to make  effective animations for making fun facts. Absolutely harlem shake booth is totally free for users.


12- Funimate:   android iphone

similar apps like jibjab 2018

Funimate music video is an ultimate application for music video lovers. It is widely used application for its amazing features.  Most fun video editor app helps you to create  awesome music video clips, lip-sync videos, slow motion videos and more.  One can also add cool effects, music, text, and emoji  to videos . Users can easily make creative music videos by using Funimate video effects. Uses can also create entertaining short video stories with music  with the help of this application.


13- Elf Dance  android  /  iphone

best apps like jibjab iphone 2018

It is the most entertaining  application . if you want to increase your happy moments  then it is the one of the funniest elf dances ever to exist. This application helps to create personalized video cards to wish a happy Christmas to all your acquaintances.  Elf dance dance- Fun for yourself is very easy to use .

14- Face swap   android iphone

best apps like jibjab android/iphone 2018

Face Swap is a widely used application from all over the world.  It is most fun providing application  that enables its users to swipe their faces with the faces of others.  It gives amazing experience of face swapping with family members, friends, or girlfriends. There are also numerous of Motion Stickers in Face Swap with themes such as animal, cartoon,etc.


15- mix booth  android  /  iphone

apps like jibkab iphone/android 2018

Mix Booth is one of the best amuzing application like jibjab. It’s a startling photography app that helps its users to have some gorgeous, funny photo making experience .  With mix booth users can swap their photos with one another. Users can merge two faces on their Android device in the most funny way . Mixbooth users can mix their face with photos of friends, family, colleagues, celebrities or the provided example pictures. If u want to look like a star , then you can  add celebrities snaps to mix with the help of mixbooth.
so Guy’s these are the best apps like jibjab 2019 android/iPhone.
Download these apps in your android/iOS smartphone and enjoy creativity.
Access thousands of gifs and videos themes directly.
Put your face in it and make interesting sharing stuff.
All the best apps like jibjab app is here.
I hope you like it.
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