Hey guys are you searching for best apps like bluff my call  android/iphone 2019
Here I pick some best apps like bluff my call 2018 android/ios for you.
Sometimes people want to communicate with others without showing their real identity so for that purpose there are many application available on android phone. Free calling applications like Bluffmycalll provides their users to change their voices,  fake caller id and recording call as well. If you want to have fun with your friends, siblings, girlfriend or any other one in your life  you can make anonymous prank calls by using this app. If you want to have fun with female voices then ofcourse you can do that also, you  just have  to select the person to call and enter the fake number to display .  Here are the following applications like bluffmycall through which you will enjoy a lot, So just download app and make prank with friends by hiding your real identity.
best apps like bluff my call apps 2019
 apps like bluffmycall 2018
If you like the app Bluffmycall then defenitely you would like Fake video call application as well because it is the most  professional and beautiful fake video caller id application in Android Market. So just download this app and say good bye to the trouble, and give yourself a fake call id. Using  Fake video call  app a person can edit fake call or message of any numbers of contacts of their desire. Absolutely it is very hard to differ about fake call and message because it looks like real ones. This app also helps selecting a caller from users contact list or entering new contact. People can also select time for calling and set up multiple fake calls for different timings. People can also have fun with beautiful girls through this app and also with this application one can simulate video calls from random gorgeous girls.
One of the best app like bluff my call.
apps like bluffmycall
It is most  fun packed communication and social app which is toally free on android/ios 2018 . Prank dial app has many of the best features to play prank with friends or others . It is most popular app among people who like to make call without showing their identity and  want to have fun with female voice. This app provides many best feature just click once.
Great app like bluff my call.
Let’s have fun.
3 Fake call- Fake  Caller ID      android  / ios
apps like bluffmycall
Fake call is also the best alternative app of bluffmycall. It is the most professional fake caller id application in android/ios market.  Absolutely it is a fully free application and services provided by this app won’t charge any fee. If you want to use this app just select fake caller id from your contacts and make call.
4 WePhone – free phone calls & cheap call
apps like bluffmycall
Wephone is the best calling app in android phone. It has best feature to make fake calls by hinding your real indentity, this app can also help to record call and it is a free app . It provides good voice quality at super low VoIP rates for US and global calls. By downloading this app users can do free sms internatonally. The best thing of this app is that it is very easy to use and no configuration is required. People can  get trial phone calls right after downloading it with free gift credit. People can also record calls on One tap and the recorded voice files can be shared via email or other Apps.
One of the best app like bluffmycall.
apps like bluffmycall
Caller ID Faker is an app that maintain its reliability amazingly.  Application that lets you make prank calls to any of your friends without letting them know about who exactly the caller is. Using this app people can change their voice and record the call with ease. This application is very secure for the users  because people real caller ID is not revealed to the other person, so you need not  worry to play prank with your friends or any other individual.
Best similar app like bluffmycall.
apps like bluffmycall
Call Free is a free application with free call & free text & call identification. People can make free calls, can text for free and can even make  low-rate international callsOne can directly make free call to a real phone number, even if your contact don’t have Call Free.  Using this app users can also get a unique personal with Call Free.  Call free application  offers to make free wifi  calling on your device.  Call free app helps users to complete funny tasks just in one tap. Users can also
Identify numbers in real-time even those that are not in your contact list  by using th isapplication.
7- prankster  android  /  ios
apps like bluffmycall
Prankster App is one of the best fake call applications in the android/ios 2018 market. Users can enjoy fake calling along with securing their identity. This application helps to make prank  with friends , co-workers and other family members to whom you call.  It is a fully- featured application and is absolutely free to make calls.  It has lots of free features like listening to call records and hiding your number. The best thing of this app is that it is user friendly . you just have to select a prank call scenario and use dial pad to enter the phone number  then Send your call, wait for call to be completed and be recorded. Listen to hilarious reaction. Prakster app helps users to record calls . all calls are saved in my call section of the app.
Great alternative app of bluffmycall.
8.Burner android  / ios
apps like bluffmycall
Burner application is also the best free calling aap for android .  using this application a person can be in control of their personal information. No one can find your real number from your Burner number. Burner intercept calls and route them to person’s cell phone so other can’t see real number.  One can use burner with ease for everyday situations. This application helps to Create a disposable phone number for dating, salespeople, deliveries, shopping online. One can also  use it as a longterm second phone number for the business or side projects. Burner is absolutely free to download and is a  fully featured app that’s why users love to use this app.
Best app like bluffmycall.
Download and enjoy pranking.

9- Voice+ (Google Voice callback)

apps like bluffmycall

Voice+ (Google Voice callback) is a free application for android users. It has many good features and qualities of making calls and  watching videos, free calling etc.

10-Fake Call  android  /  ios

apps like bluffmycall
Fake call application  is also the best alternative of bluffmycall app. Users can enjoy multi facilities only on one tap .Fake call  available for users with the android operating system and users can use fake call application to get out of sticky situation. Using this application users can change their voice in fake call to female or male.

11. Funcall  android /  ios

apps like bluffmycall
If you like bluff my call than definitely you will enjoy Funcall . It is a great voice changer and call recording application. Users can entertain themselves without any cost by using this application. People can hide their real identity and change theircaller ID . it is best application to make fake calls and play pranks with friends . this app is known for the best feature and best quality.best app like bluff my call android/ios 2018.

12 -Juasapp  android  /  ios

apps like bluffmycall

Juasapp – it is the best prank anonymous app , people can have lot of fun to make prank calls . Through juasapp application people can share other ‘s reaction on social sites without showing their identity.  This application is available on android phone for free.

13-Voice Changer During Call  android  /  ios

apps like bluffmycall
Voice changer app is like bluffmy calls . This application is well known for their good feature and quality and one can download voice changer application very easily . This application provides many voice effects so that users can  hide their real identity easily. It is agreat voice changer app during calls . A person can change their voice from men to women , or women to men bu using this application. This app helps you  to make fake calls to others.


  14- prank calls & prank sms.

apps like bluffmycall

Prank Call & Prank SMS is a superb prank call and SMS application like bluff my call. People can many prank calls and messages easily by using this awesome application. With the help of this application people can enjoy getting reactions during prank calls , or prank chats.  It is totaly a  free application .
15- who calls
best apps like bluff my call apps android/iphone 2019
Who call is also the best calling application. Users can have great experience by using this application. This application helps users to identity weather the call is authentic or real .
So guy’s these are the best apps like bluffmycall on android/ios 2019.
I hope you like all the apps added here.
Bluffmycall is very addictive app for pranking.
Let’s start downloading these apps and prank with a twist.
One of the best similar apps like bluffmycall.
Let’s start downloading and enjoy pranking with friends and family members.
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