Are you getting bored at school/home ?
Need some awesome 7 second challenges ideas 2019 collection.
7 second challenges are best way to kill the boredom.
These challenges works best when you get bored with your friends and family members.
So guys are you ready to have fun
These killer ideas helps you to convert your boring time in fun.
Here I pick some best fun challenges to do with your friends and family members.
So guys no more talk here is the list of best challenges to do with friends/family members.
best 7 second challeges idea's 2019
1) Name 3 card games.
2) Sing English alphabets.
3) Name the last book you read.
4) Let someone tickle you for seven seconds.
5) Name 3 things you will not find in an aeroplane.
6) Give a motivational speech.
7) Make yoga pose.
8) Shout your name in the reverse order for 5 times.
9) Name 10 types of dogs.
10) Touch every wall in the room.
11) Clap with your knees.
12) Name 5 things on the human face.
13) Mention 7 objects that can fit in your pocket.
14) Name 2 sports in which you are an expert.
15) Jump with a single foot continuously for 7 seconds without falling.
16) Blow 3 balloons.
17) Crawl between another player’s legs.
18) Shape your body into the first alphabet of your name.
19) Speak the English alphabets in reverse order.
20) Name 3 words that mean good.
21) Kiss your shoulders.
22) Sing a song about your life.
23) Tie your shoe lace.
24) Mention 2 things that you would avoid in your date.
25) Name the most expensive item at your home.
26) Enact a scene from your favourite movie.
27) Eat a raw egg.
28) Mention your 2 New Year resolution that you have achieved.
29) Brush your teeth.
30) Name 3 things you can find in the shark’s stomach.
31) Knot your tie.
32) Read 3 headlines from a newspaper.
33) Name your favourite movie.
34) Say hello to every person in the room.
35) Drink 2 glass of water.
36) Name 2 capital cities.
37) Summarise your life so far in 5 words.
38) Close your eyes and try to walk in a straight path.
39) Sing a sad song with laughter
40) Act like you are eating the worst thing ever.
41) Say 5 compliments about you.
42) Listen to a song on earphone on sing another song loudly.
43) Take off your socks and wear them as gloves.
44) Name 5 vegetables currently present in your home.
45) Name 3 words that rhyme with the word “computer”.
46) Paint your nails.
47) Move your one eyebrow while other should remain still.
48) Touch the feet of everyone present in the room.
49) Make the sound of 5 farmyard animals.
50) Name 7 things you will find inside a classroom.
51) Send a funny snap chat to a friend.
52) Dance like one of your parents.
53) Name 3 uses for garlic.
54) Breathe out of your nose 10 times.
55) Say the 7 days of the week in reverse order.
56) Name 5 flavours of ice-cream.
57) Mention 2 superstitions you follow.
58) Name 3 things you don’t want in your home.
59) Name the president and capital of your country.
60) Belt your pant.
61) Name 3 colours that are not in the rainbow.
62) Open a packet of chips without your hand.
63) Name 4 sports that are played between individuals.
64) Let you be slapped by the person nearest to you.
65) Make up a random word and give it a definition.
66) Chew a gum and blow a bubble.
67) Don’t laugh.
68) Mention 7 boys name.
69) Count from 25 to 1 in reverse order.
70) Do a forward roll.
71) Touch your nose with your lips.
72) Mention 5 letters not containing the letter ‘a’.
73) Hold your breath underwater.
74) Name 5 books.
75) Try a tongue twister.
76) Balance a book on your head.
77) Name 4 of your favourite holiday destination.
78) Reshape paper clip into an English alphabet.
79) Try to draw a rectangle with one hand and circle with another simultaneously.
80) Combine 2 sports to make a new one and explain it.
81) Name 3 movies that you have watched in a theatre.
82) Pretend that you are swimming.
83) Mention 5 qualities of your best friend.
84) Touch 3 objects of 3 different colours.
85) Name 3 TV shows you have never watched.
86) Shout “teacher” 10 times.
87) Burst 3 balloons without using your hand and feet.
88) Get a total of more than 15 from a die tossing it 3 times.
89) Tuck all your shirt buttons.
90) Mention your worst nightmare.
91) Name your last 2 pets.
92) Garb the nearest object and advertise it.
93) Pluck a leaf from 2 different plants.
94) Run from one end of your house to another.
95) Draw a cartoon.
96) Pretend you are asleep but your body is dancing.
97) Name the most expensive phone you had in your life.
98) Make another player laugh.
99) Tug in your shirt.
100) Invent a 7 second challenge and perform it.
So guys this is the complete up to date list of challenges to do with your friends and family members at home or outside.
Play whenever you get bored.
These fun challenges to do list helps you to enjoy every moment of your life with your friends and family members.
No more boring time come in your life
If comes kill it with these fun challenges to do ideas bullets.
These sharp bullets kill your boredom from origin and you enjoy as much as you want.
So guys I hope you like it this list.
If you know much more challenges to do ideas which you play with your friends and family members.
Let me know view comments.
So I will update and share with others.
Thank you

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